In 1985, Sieber traveled to America and lived some time in Arizona.

Real life in the US was characterized by drugs, street gangs, social misery, fast-food, fatigue, weapons, car and consumerism, and far (comics, music, film) had influenced Sieber `s youth.

In Arizona the perception of the artist began to change.


He dealt with the distorted realism in the subculture of the American past.

The transfiguration by time and nebulized idealization into stereotypical characters.

(Just as shown in the theme groups "FEVER - The distorted picture of music history" and "GANGSTERBALLADEN - Violence in the merge of fiction and reality”).


 In the AMERICAN PAINTINGS themed group, he devoted himself intensively to private American life in the 50/60 years.

A surreal world full of subtle violence, obscure, kitschy, attractive to silly, abstract and with an involuntary comedy. Ideal and model of western civilization.

The basis for this are real private studies and templates collected and archived by Sieber for years.

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