Rock'n Roll Fever

Paintings  & Drawings 2007- 2018

The emergence and development of pop culture.


It is not in the form of a retrospective, transfigured history of a beautiful pop world, but a realistic representation of the distorted picture of musical history, romantic ridicule, absurd legendary formation, and human and artistic tragedies.


Sieber is a music lover, disc collector and expert for music styles from the thirties to seventies

(E.g. Soul, Mod, R & B, Jazz, Rockabilly, Surf, Garage) as well as connoisseurs of subcultures, has worked on this project for about two years.

The pictures of the artist are supplemented by texts of the author Franz Dobler.


In collaboration with the Caricatura Frankfurt / Kassel and the Hamburg publishing house Edel Verlag a book of the same name was published.


This is a self-contained project.


The project 2010 in Frankfurt (Caricatura Museum) has attracted more than ten thousand visitors.


Subsequently shown in Kassel (Caricatura Gallery) and 2011 in Berlin (Galerie Friedmann-Hahn) and 2012/2013 in Schwerin (Schleswig-Holstein House) as well as parts of the exhibition 2011 in Hameln (Kunstkreis Hameln) and 2013 in Bremen (hospital museum).





Rock`n´ Roll Fever


(2010 Edel Verlag)








Paintings and drawings of Guido Sieber

Text from Franz Dobler

256 pages, format 22 x30 cm,

price 19,95 Euro


ISBN 978-3-941378-73-5